The mechanism

The TBox records measurements directly at the output of the machine. 

Products are fed past three laser sensors, and measurements are taken continuously. 

These measurements are displayed on the TBox control screen. Any deviations are flagged up immediately, and data are saved for subsequent quality control purposes.

Metrological characteristics.

- Resolution of sensors: 0.1mm, or 0.01 mm.

- Range of measurement: 400 mm in resolution 0.1 mm ; 50 mm in 0.01 mm.

- Number of measurements: this figure depends upon the speed of the conveyor.

- Sensors settings help function for the simplification of setting operations.

Measuring methods.

- Measurement over the full length of the product.

- Adjustable tolerance intervals.

- Insensitive to the product feed through rate.

- Insensitive to surface irregularities in products.

- Automatic identification of the front and rear of products. 


- Flags up non-compliant products.

- Indicates the direction of deviations ; upward or downward deviations.

- Indicates height deviations between the front and rear of products.

- Indicates defects by means of a potential-free contact, for external operation.

Measured data processing software.

- This software is installed on a remote PC.

- The software calculates minimum and maximum deviations, means, standard deviations,etc.

- The software displays graphs and curves of measurement.

- The software permits the saving of data for each measuring programme.

- The software permits the export of measured data in .xls format.

With TBox you’re always informed, enabling you to react faster.