Find out how automatic measurement can improve the profitability of your production sites.

New production constraints dictate the achievement of greater accuracy, higher quality and higher productivity – but do you have the necessary tool to achieve these objectives ?

This tool exists: its name is 


What is the TBox?

The TBox is an automatic tool which controls the height of blocks after casting or milling. Measurements are taken by digital sensors using laser technology.  

Why use automatic measurement?

Control of the height of blocks is an indispensable phase in the virtuous circle of production, which cannot be overlooked. Stringent tolerances dictate the continuous monitoring of products, as deviations are both inevitable and unforeseeable, regardless of the quality of your production tools. 

Consequently, it is an illusion to believe that a high quality level can be achieved without automatic control facilities.

What are the benefits?

Action which impacts upon quality, through the integral control of measurements, is action which affects the performance of your production facilities, with a consequent impact upon profitability.

By eliminating deviations and reducing rejects, your production facilities will be more accurate, the quality factor will increase, and profitability will be enhanced.

The TBox guarantees an immediate ROI. 

With TBox-MES, you can commit your means of production to the Industry 4.0 concept, drawing upon the tools you need to achieve the standard of excellence you deserve.